Stakeholders, everywhere in the world, strive for productivity and cost efficiency while expecting to enhance and increase service delivery for their clients as cost efficient as possible.

One of my core competences is that after years of practical experience in hands-on management of retail and e-commerce as well as transport related companies such as ports, container terminals, shipping, forwarding rail and trucking companies as well as agencies, in often challenging and complex environments; I think and speak in those terms.

This is done with a constant and undivided focus on creating shareholder value, while at the same time developing customer and employee satisfaction to deliver a sustainable troika. And delivered through SMART KPIs and balanced score cards to ensure a constant focus on the deliverables.

The goal is assist you achieve a healthy and balanced solution; on one hand delivering an acceptable and optimized yield on your investment while on the other to ensure sustainability through a high level of customer satisfaction supported by cost efficient deliverables keeping a constant eye on error free service assisted by solid and documented processes and IT solutions. Needless to mention, this needs to be supported by highly motivated staff and profiled through robust CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs.   

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